Thiel Fellowship: Under 20 Summit

Today I am attending the first annual Thiel Fellowship under 20 Summit. It is the first day and we are going to be attending lots of breakout groups, listening to keynote speakers, and meeting all sorts of people. I am here to pitch my idea, NameRemind, and to find people that are interested who could potentially be partners, investors, developers, designers, and mentors. The first keynote speakers included Chris McCann, from Startup Digest, Danielle Fong, from Light Sail Energy, and Sahil Lavingia, from the founding team of Pinterest and Gumboard. To me, Sahil was my favorite speaker, he has such a unique and sort of dry personality, but hilarious at the same time. They all sort of told their life stories. One really interesting thing for me was how Chris stressed using your .edu email address when you’re in college. Someone mentioned creating a email address for those who join since you can’t go to college. Interesting. More to come!
Here’s a picture of Sahil giving his keynote.



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